Digilithic e.U.


Digilithic e.U. is a multimedia agency for digital setups, photogrammetry, modeling, virtual reality and augmented reality. Modern technology is used for training, documentation and product presentation in the fields of industry, culture and education.


  • We offer individual solutions for institutions, companies, artists or organizations. Good connections to experts in visual computing, photography, software development and 3D modeling enable novel and unique realizations of customer requirements.


  • We feature high-quality scans, photorealistic 3D models, immersive simulations, practical applications, fitting renderings, presentations and create realistic and abstract digital content.


  • We are mobile, which means we make recordings, VR presentations and post-processing on site. Long-term installations (exhibitions, advertising campaigns,...), as well as short-term presentations (events, fairs, company parties,...) are possible.


  • We have mobile AND permanently installed solutions for VR, AR and 360° systems. App-based AND web-based solutions for your digital products.


  • Each project is preceded by a personal conversation to discuss the ideas and wishes of the customer, to present our products on site and to find a meaningful and feasible solution.