An object with a shiny surfaces like gold is impossible to scan and bring to the virtual world... or is it?



It was a rather hard and long way to get from actual Jewelry to a virtual version that suits the vision and wishes of our client. In the end we got a very high detailed replica of the original.


necklace original 1080p

Thr original jewelry needed to be prepared for the scan properly. Movement of the chain, the highly reflective surface of the gold and the unique and fine texture of the semi-transparent gems made it hard to scan using photogrammetry.


AI01 model2

The final models got generated through a combination of scan and remodeling.The gems for example had to be modeled as a whole. In further post-processing the inner texture of the gems could be reproduced - however the focus for the client was not on the gems, so we kept them simple.


AI01 model4

Chain links and the fastener were reproduced exact to the millimeter. We decided to present the object as it would naturally lay around the neck of the wearer.


Urania foyer sweet3

The earrings were both unique, especially the structure of the gem. So we produced to differrent models according to the shape of the gemstone. As mentioned above, the inner texture of the stone was not part of the job but could be done.


configurator jewelry 1080p

There is a difference between web-based technology and offline engines when it comes to performance and visual quality of 3D objects. For some occasions an online solution is the way to go (web-shops, online customizers, AR-Filters e.g.), for other causes a high-end rendering is needed (advertising, art, film and game industry).


configurator jewelry 1080p

For the web-based viewer of the 3-dimensinal jewelry a highly customized User Interface is possible to implement. That means backgrounds, colours, models, buttons, audio-files, etc. can be adjusted and added the way you want.


configurator jewelry 1080p

All types of jewelry can be digitalized and changed to the look wished for. Sometimes a webbased rendering or viewer cannot compete with offline viewers, but a combination of photographs, renderings and online-viewers would complete the package for a contemporary presentation of Jewelry.