The true spirit of art can't be reflected when digtalizing it - maybe, but it sure opens lots of new opportunities and in some cases even supports the vision of the object of art.



The digital version of the object undermines the vison the artist had when producing this piece of art. Now it can rotate freely in an endless space without predefined ups and downs.


sculpture real

The massive construct wants to be light and seen from all angles, however for the scanning process it had to stand still to be able to capture all sides of the wires and forms. Still, in the end some of the wires had to be complemented by remodeling them. Watch this and further art of Loys Egg athis webpage: Loys Egg.


les skulpture mesh

The model needed some minor repairs and further simplification. After the postprocessing the model was ready for further applications. Web-Presentations, 3D viewers for web-shops and usage for NFTs were the client's wish.


LES Skulptur all

There are many versions of it, beside the original texture. The final data file was .obj with a .jpg 8k texture and a .gltf, even a challenging .stl for printing was possible. If that is new to you, don't worry, we know which file is used for what.


In the end we made it possible to lift a heavy gravity-bound object into space without rocket science and even combined it with the "open window to freedom, as the possibility of being immersed in the immeasurable existence of color" - Blue Monochrome.