Creating content is something everybody in the digital branche does as soon as work is involved. As a Multimedia Agency we deliver all kinds of digital content.

We commited ourselfs to produce our content in our company and / or with partners in our environment. As long as it is not a big international project with mass content we don't see the need to outsource work or content creation to other departments or regions.

Our network is big enough, we maintain good business relationships with programmers, photographers, modellers, video-cutters, audio-experts in our neighborhood to gurantee the fitting content the customer wishes for.

Our specialization at Digilithic is photogrammetry, non the less we producing several digital media in high quality - from 2D renderings up to Virtual Reality simulations. And if it should be classic graphic-design, portrait photography or building an online shop ready for Web3 - we work together with our partners to complete your digital package.

Sample projects

1. Tell us what you need

Our first contact and talk is always for free. Without a clear goal there can't be a clear product. We need to know what you need so we can say what is possible to create and for what it can be used for.

2. Using our network

Scanning is not just scanning, a VR-simulation is not just a VR-simulation... If necessary we roam through our network and contacts to set up the team we need.

3. We give you one or more price models

As soon as we got the scale of the upcoming project we send you an offer and talk about the excact product, when and how we should deliver and all the other parameters needed to give you an excact pricing, which will be done with Digilithic.

5. For every product it's own content

Depending on what the content is used for it has to be prepared individually. File type, data size, usage for VR or AR, web-based content, presentation for Web3 - whatever it is we have seen most of it and we know how to prepare the assets.

4. We deliver on time

We always deliver on time and the quality wished for. Every single customer is satisfied with our created contents.


3D / VR / AR / BLEND / OBJ / UNITY / STL / GLTF / RC / RAW / FBX / MP4 / JPG / PNG / JS / 360