Once digitalized the possibilities are endless

As a Multimedia Agency we know how to put a product in it's true light. The challenge for the third dimension however is, that there are so many angles and views to a product that it can tell so many different stories all at once.

To produce a good digital product is one thing, to give it a proper presentation is the other. It is simply not enough to produce a 3D-model if you don't know where to put it, whom to show it and what to tell about it.

For us a 3D-scan / model is another digital media - besides graphics, photography and video - that meets the same challenges. The product by itself is simply not enough without a use case... except the use case is to just show it.

On the one hand a raw object can be beautiful and perfectly designed so it does not need any big postprocessing or further enhancement, on the other hand there are products that need a digital augmentation and a visual upgrade to bring out its true value.

Sample projects

1. Inspecting the product

Usually done before even starting the production process, we have to know the object, product, application or whatever. Without knowing how to present it in the end it's counterproductive to start creating.

2. 3D or 2D

Where will it be presented? Online on a Webpage, at an exhibition, at a fair, next to public bus stations or during a conference or meeting? Should it be interactive or a short video clip? If you don't know yet, we help you to find out.

3. Storytelling

Even if it is a standalone object without any further need of embedment in a fitting surrounding it still has it's background. The object or product has it's origin somewhere and it should transport a story or at least a message. It is on us to visualize that message.

4. Flexibility and reuse

One digital asset can be used for a whole campaign as it can be put in all kinds of applications and devices, with an endlessly changing look and therefore presentations. Once the product is finished it is ready to get digitally recycled in a million ways.

5. Marketing campaigns

Working together with art directors, marketing managers, photographers, web-developers, video-artists and graphic designers Digilithic is able to start a whole campaign for a product.


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