Enhancing the virtual world with digital originals

To have a digital pendant to a real object is true reproduction. Once it got digitalized it is ready to get used in the digital world as a 1:1 version of the real object

We set our standards high and with more digital assets swapping in on a daily basis we are setting them even higher. It gets easier and more common to reproduce objects for the digital world, non the less it lacks of quality all the more. We think it is important to be among the first to show what is possible nowadays besides production in bulk.

We devoted ourselfs to art and culture, so it is an intention of us to help cultural institutions to see what is possible besides mass digitalization. Museums and artists appreciate our work and consulting. They are satisfied with our high quality standards.

Every object has it's own character and it is on us to bring each its character to the digital space.

Sample projects

1. Digital originals

Why the socks? Because normally you always have two of them and they match each other. So for every real object we produce a digital version of it.

2. From real to virtual to real

It is possible to capture an object and make a digital version of it and in the next step make it printable for 3D printers. Depending on the printers there is no loss in detail.

3. Scanning vs modeling

Depending on the object and the future usage of it, we decide to scan the product or we remodel it based on scans or photographs. A simple standardized cup should be modeled, a piece of unique wood should be scanned.

4. Photogrammetry is Number 1

There are some 3D-scanners on the market which may be easy to use and bring fast solutions. photogrammetry with a digital camera however is unbeatable when it is about quality in texture and realism.

5. Manipulation

Once an object is digitalized it is possible to change almost everything, whether it is size, shape, colour, glossiness, structure, etc. Even a whole new design and concept up to a new product is possible - That is the true beauty of digital assets!


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