Sometimes it is necessary to set limits in order to see actual possibilities

The digital space has become a world on it's own, a huge jungle filled with massive amount of different digital species - still we think that it is just the beginning of a digital age. It is our job to look at all the possibilities and narrow it for you!

When it comes to digital media - at least to digital media concerning our services - we are capable of giving a proper consultation.

There are so many different digital applications and services and so many of them are just not needed or are not the right choice for one or the other. It is better to ask and take some time to rethink a project to be sure not to overshoot the mark just because of "new digital media".

We are happy to help to initiate a digital project. Further we are here to give you guidance and support your project. We organize workshops or counselling interviews about any of our proficiencies.

Sample projects

1. First contact

Before we can start creating we have to talk personally to our customer. Most of the time the visions and wishes have to be put in a realistic framework.

2. Project management

We are qualified for project management, so no matter if it's a new thing that has to be started or if we play a small role in your project, we know our place and will do the job.

3. We are not alone

If wished for or if needed we can come up with a team of experts. We can start a whole marketing campaign, rework your online presence or get you a new Corporate Visual Identity.

4. Digital Recycling

Once we started a job, we make sure to deliver all necessary files and variants, so we can reuse and reinvent the product for your tasks in future.

5. Further support

If there are further questions, ideas or workshops needed we are happy to help. We are cooperative and willing to maintain a helpful and patient business relationship.


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