When talking decreases, heart rate increases, palms are sweating and breathing intensifies... you are in a working simulation.



One of the biggest issues in Virtual Reality is movement. For a good experience the finding of a proper way of interacting with the surrounding and exploring it by movement is mandatory. A motion detection supporting VR-Set is the way to go.


VR Sim FPT ingame 03 hxn

There is a huge area to explore before heading to the entrance of the main building were the actual fire protection training starts. As this simulation should show several possibilities of implementations in VR we put a realistic scan of a historic room into it as well.


Xplore 3000 02 hxn

As the demo should also contain branded fire protection gear we scanned and modelled more than 10 different masks, filters, goggles and devices wich are wearable and usable during the simulation.


vr erweiterung 0

Several info points, a narrator and a quest line helps the user to find the right directions and to accomplish the training in the right way. The task list for example can be looked at by the user all the time, simply by twisting his or hers hand.


Urania foyer sweet3

Further to implementing all kind of guides, it is possible to give the possibility of extinguishing fire, talking to animated avatars or helping them to escape, climb ladders, craft materials or combine parts of equipment, e.g.


VR Sim FPT ingame 08 hxn

Besides lots of extensions, the main part is the escaping of the burning building. So realistic fire effects and correct smoke appearance, as well as fire alarm and burning sounds are the basis of this simulation.


VR Sim FPT ingame 11 hxn

There are lots of triggers and events during the experience that determine the procedure of the training:

A damaged pipe has to be found in order to know where to go next, when entering a room an explotion happens and smoke is coming up the stairs.

In order to go through the smoke the right mask has to be chosen and combined with the correct filters, otherwise the user can't go through the smoke.

The entrance is now blocked by a wall of fire, so a different escape route has to be found, checking rooms, opening doors, climbing ladders lead to a succesful escape in the end.

Please be aware that this is a demo from 2019 - actual versions can contain own architecture will look more polished for sure.