The challenge is to capture the many reflective and shimmering surfaces and to depict the end product as realistically as possible.




There were more than 70 figures of unique styled and painted wooden figures, all between  10 and 50 cm big. One of the most challenging ones was the Revealing Angel, as it was big, valuable and needed to be captured from all angles.


Engel 8 8

A good preparation and exact photographing produced a fitting form and texture with millimetere accuracy, so art conservation can profit of them in future restoration and reproduction.



Complex forms, many details, thin shapes and shiny golden colors made it necessary to remodel and repaint parts of some models. Thanks to the accurate 3D models post processing was possible and minor artifacts could be corrected easily and even made it possible to print the digital models with 3D printers.


Design bg 1 6

We even cracked the  2.5 m x 2.5 m big gloriole, which is full of figurines and thin gilded pieces, and managed to put it online and made it printable by parts. See one of the examples here at the official site: Gloriole - Krippe im Dom


Urania foyer sweet3

The huge architecture of the crib (11 meters long) including three big paintings got renovated as a whole and made it possible for us to scan every detail and normally hidden part of these objects. Correct lighting, the mass of data and a reduction of the files to use them online and in other applications were the main challenges.



The scans were done in the crypt of the church itself where they are back in their exhibition area with a digital version on screens next to the architecture of the crib. Another stunning show was done in the Ars Electronica Center in Linz in a CAVE with 8K resolution. This show and further information to the projects and the crib itself can be found here: Virtuelle Krippe - Krippe im Dom