Digital rebuilds may take a while until they are set up properly, but once accomplished the output speed and usage range is sovereign.




Even though the models itself were produced by someone else and in a very fast and cheap way, we managed to give them a more realistic touch so they can be used for the application wished for.



We made a superficial copy of the digital models and wrapped them around the model. In that way we are able to manipulate reflections and textures close to a realistic can and printed materials.



The models had pre-baked reflections in their texture - however that is not the way we would produce our models - the customer wanted more adjustable reflections in the models. For example the bottle reflects lights of the digital supermarket, which can be adjusted in form and illumination so the AI software has the possibility to differentiate between lighting situations.



To be able to switch between different setups fast and uncomplicated we pre-built different setups that can be mixed in several ways. Type of light, light colour, product placement, wall, shelf and floor are the main parameters that are quickly changable and lead to a bigger variety relative to a real studio setup.


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