Sometimes it needs courage to try something unusual to get someones interest for the usual - it's called inspirational.



Harnisch 1d

The armor sits on a special puppet with hands and legs. It helped the scanning process a lot, as the armor is in perfect form to see all it's details and helps the viewer to understand size and fit of the object.


Harnisch 5d

With a 8K resolution of the texture every detail is visible in the end-product. Along the sleeves there are damages, holes and cracks that occured during forging. Besides the fine ornaments the single plates and rivets are clearly visible.


Once digitalized an abundant number of effects and manipulations are possible. The armor stands there on it's own but the effect gives the viewer an idea how it would look when worn by a person.



harnisch versions01d

Some different renderings as proposed for the exhibition-webpage. A rather brave and experimental way to present an important piece of art history, but maybe the exact way to pique somone's curiosity for the exhibition. No matter in which direction it should go, we have some ideas.


Urania foyer sweet3

A second piece to be scanned was a helmet. The challenges for scanning it were quite similar to the armor, we had to flaten out some parts and rework some of the holes and rivets. Metal objects are always more challenging than scanning non-reflective objects, still in the end the process was worth it.



The patina of the helmet reflects the exact condition of the original, as do the bulges and fine etchings. The thread, plates and holes are all captured in such high detail it is possible to use it for restoration in case the original gets damaged.


The same here for the helmet, once digitalized it is ready to be played with. Here we gave it a glowing neon effect that suites the design of the exhibition "Iron Men". Further it shows the detailed and correct openings of the helmet as the light emmits through those.

More information on the armor and the exhibition on the website of the KHM Vienna: Exhibition - Iron Men