As a Multimedia Agency we are committed to translate the needs between all stakeholders - otherwise there will be chaos.



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Together with the Ars Electronica Center, the Natural History Museum created a multimedial space for their visitors called "Deck 50". Our job was to evalute installations, fill them with texts and audiovisual media, tech the personal about the Content Management System, create applications and digital workshops together with scientists.


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There are several shows and presentations which should be supported by visuals (videos, pictures, models) that are fitting for the new presentation spaces, which means in the correct form and design. On the one side they have to be state of the art on the other side the connection to the museum and the scientific shows should not get lost.


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All kinds of info-stations had to be filled with content. The texts were pre-defined by scientists, the pictures and videos however had to be created, prepared and uploaded in the database of Deck50. Further we had to adapt the CMS to be able to use it in a fast and easy way, so future exhibitions and presentations can be prepared by the museum and their staff.


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For some of the stations at Deck 50 scans and models of the museum's property were needed. Some in a digital way for presentations and some in a printed way for actual hands-on models. There were grave goods and pottery for example that had to be printed in a iniature version of the original.


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The 3D-prints of some original grave goods were needed as a sevenfold miniaturisation for a rebuild of actual graves that were found in former days. Some of these prints have a size of only 3 - 5 millimeters, such as rings and brooches.


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Historical relevant objects like coral spieces, skeletons or pottery were scanned for several use cases. For scientific research it was mandatory to catch the structure and detailed surface of corals for example. The possibility to turn of the texture helps to understand the form of the objects even better.



(interactable 3D-Model)

The museum has it's own models and scanned objects as well. It was on us to build an online viewer that can be used in the presentations at Deck50 as well as at official webpages. Here some buttons were added for changing rotation, texture and making screenshots during the presentation.


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Many more ideas, applications and shows were implemented and there are more being planned. Together with some of our partners we achieve new ways of interactive teaching, participative learning and helping visitors to deal with scientific subjects in a playful way.