Nature doesn't like to be digitalized - we can only give a modest idea of what it is like to be there.





Even the climbing rock is the main attraction in the simulation, it is worth nothing without a fitting embedment. Ground, meadow, foliage, bushes, trees, stones and animals were picked carfully and planted piece by piece. Sunlight, shadows and wind revive the scene and are an mandatory basis for this immersive simulation.


TCS 0.2 07 hxn

A reduction of User-Interface and an intentional disclaimer of tutorials helps the user to focus on the realistic playback of the scence. The goal was to reduce all distracting guidance and simply let surroundings and curiosity lead the user through the simulation.



TCS Wand Korrektur 02 hxn

In the picture above is the main data of the reconstruction after first post-processing. Further cleaning and reduction was necessary to be able to use it in a Virtual Reality application. The whole scene was built around that object - floor, stones, plants were wrapped around and merged into the scan to guarantee a 100% inclusion of the climbing rock into the environment.


TCS 0.2 04 hxn

Bases on photographs the terrain and vegetation is very close to the original location of the climbing rock. This simulation is a demo, which means the final product would be even more accurate and there would be denser nature and more realistic plant-models, only a question of time though... However the main goal to integrate a scan in a VR-Application and build a fully immersive simulation around it already is a full success.


Urania foyer sweet3

Interaction with the virtual world happens through common handtracking or controllers. As realistic looking hands are an uncanny effect for a lot of people we decided to use schematic abstract hand models that are clearly virtual and are enough for refferencing where ones hands are in the simulation.


TCS 0.2 10 hxn

An actual climbing is made possible for sure. Correct grip and positioning of hands is mandatory in order to be able to lift the virtual body up. The climbing routes in the simulation correspond to the actual routes. A guide, a scoring or quest system would be doable.

And yes... people's heart rate increases and they get sweating hands on their way up to the top, non the less they feel relaxed and comfortable just standing or walking around in the simulation.